5 Clichés That Will Change Your Life

WARNING: The following article may change your life for the better. Please read with caution.

So there is a reason why a phrase becomes a cliché… it clearly has previously had some kind of deep, meaningful message and so has been used, and then overused to the point where unfortunately it pretty much loses its original meaning. But we all know what a cliché is, I’m not here to patronise anyone! So I thought that I would list my top 5 clichés that you should look deeper into, in order to change your life…much of which will mostly relate to the act of travelling!

‘Change the way you think and change your life’

This is ground-breaking material right here, I wonder if I will win an award for this post..? I should probably trademark the idea or something like that. Or copyright it. What’s the difference anyway? Maybe I’ll speak to the patent office about this one.

But first things first, before I get into this award winning piece of literature… what on earth am I doing with my life, I’m sure is the question that pretty much no-one is thinking to ask me at the moment because no-one really cares. But I’ll go ahead and tell you anyway! So I left the UK over one year ago to go travelling. Great, lovely and all that. I’ve been over this before in my blog so I won’t waffle on for too long about that one. I started in India, made my way to Nepal, then China, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Australia. I re-visited certain countries and travelled around and about, back and forth and so on. It lasted 9 months and it was amazing! Then I landed in Australia on June 25th 2013 and have been here ever since, working away and stacking those papers. Well, sort of. It’s not really a stack. More like a bag of change to be honest. And after a few months of working I have had enough time to evaluate where I am in my life, where I want to be and how I intend to get there. Well actually I am still working on the last point, but with motivation, determination and drive…

1. Anything Is Possible

inspirational-quote-Im Possible

Well literally speaking, I guess that anything actually ISN’T possible. But we aren’t talking about physics here Einstein! I recently read an article about a woman who worked with dying patients who only had a few months left to live and what was their most common regret? “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me”. Take a look at your life right now. How does it make you feel? Happy? Sad? Content? Excited? Confused?! Are you living a life true to yourself? Are you working in a job you love in a place you love doing things you love? Have you even thought to reflect upon how you really, honestly feel about your life? Are you living the life that dreams are made of? If not, why not? ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Those voices in your head may tell you otherwise and come up with all kinds of excuses of why doing something outside of your comfort zone is a bad idea. The amount of people that have told me that they are ‘jealous’ of what I am doing with my life right now just makes me laugh. It’s hardly like I am doing anything out of this world! If they were truly jealous and wanted to live like me, they would. All you gotta do is buy a plane ticket! I’m not exactly a millionaire…far from it! The lack of dream chasing and the abundance of narrow-mindedness is far too prevalent in society these days.


Save some money, buy a one way ticket, travel for a few months and then return to your life. Nothing will have changed. People seem to have this crazy idea that if they quit their jobs and go travelling that by the time they get back they will never be able to find another job again. “How will I cope!?”…”I can’t afford it!”. Give me a break. Stop spending all of your money on alcohol and in a few months time you’ll have loadsa dosh in the bank!

I remember in India I met an American guy who kept going on about how he was on a mission to “wake people up”. Now I imagine that he isn’t going to break into people’s houses in the middle of the night and shake them violently until they are wide awake, screaming in fear at this strange man all up in their personal space. He never really explained that much about his idea, it all seemed rather mysterious. He was pretty spaced out to be honest, it was like his brain was on Pluto for testing whilst some tiny Plutonians had commandeered his body but hadn’t quite gotten the hang of how to communicate with people in a ‘normal’ sense…whatever the hell ‘normal’ means anyway. I guess normal is just another way of saying ‘socially acceptable’. But anyway, it seemed as though he needed to wake himself up before attempting to wake anyone else up. Where am I going with this you may be thinking? So basically I now understand what the hell this guy was talking about….

2. Life Is Short

…so wake the hell up and start living your God damn lives!!!! Of course some people chase their dreams every single day. Good for them. They are obviously wide awake. But some people don’t. They drift through life bleary-eyed paying absolutely no attention to the inner workings of their soul. I am passionate about my life, my work, my ideas, my future and pretty much everything else that is happening in this very moment in time for me. I want to dance on rooftops, sing with birds, swim in oceans, run through forests, film it all on my GoPro and then title the film “WAKE UP RIGHT NOW!”. (Note to self…make this happen)

inspirational-quotes-nothing is stopping you

This post is going to be FULL of things you have heard before and no doubt 99.9% of readers will just ignore everything I have said. And to that 0.1% who I somehow manage to inspire…good on you mate! You chase those dreams!

3. The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side Of The Fence

Now I know that if you look deeper into this saying, it probably says more about your inner happiness than it does about your current positioning in a garden full of brown grass. The grass may actually be green after all and in fact you are just colourblind. Did you ever consider that? Happiness is often about acceptance and although it may feel like I am trying to convince you that your life sucks and you should go travelling, you may already have a life that is perfect just for you. If you feel that this is true, then good on you! No, this post is for all those people who complain about their jobs, about where they live, about the weather, the neighbours, about strangers and even about their own friends (imagine that).

I read a quote recently that said “the best movie ideas are about things that we do NOT do” (or something to that effect). Now whether or not you agree with this, there is a point behind this which I think is true – people are interested and engaged by stories about things which they themselves either lack the courage or ability to do themselves. Is this because we aspire to be better than we actually are? Hmmm, this is all getting rather philosophical now. My latest video about quitting my job, going travelling and chasing my dreams has had more likes on Vimeo than any other video I have ever posted and it has only been up there for 3 days! What does this tell you? It tells you that your inner self is craving more from life…why are you depraving yourself!? Do you really want to spend 40 or so years of your life sitting at a desk in an office, just so that you can have enough money to go on holiday for two weeks every year and buy that nice house and car that you will probably be paying off for most of your life? I can’t think of anything worse! Is this really how we are designed to live out our lives? Listen to your heart…it is telling you something different I bet.

inspirational-quote-don't wait

Anyway, the point here is that if you feel that the grass may be greener on the other side of the fence then it is clear that you are not happy in your current situation. Whether this is because you are searching for something that you will never find, or whether your current situation actually does suck, it may be worth trying something new and pushing yourself forwards. I like green grass. Grass that is green is healthy and doesn’t itch your bum crack when some of it accidentally goes down your pants.

So now that you’ve accepted what I have said so far, I bet you might even be talking about taking that leap forward in your life that you have wanted to take for oh so many weeks, months, years, BUT…

4. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

A few people have come out to meet me whilst travelling from back home in the UK. And a few others have spoken to me about their ‘desire’ to travel and how they will come at meet me at some stage, but actions speak louder than words. STOP TALKING AND START DOING! A few people have told me that I have ‘inspired them to travel’. This makes me feel good. How can one not benefit from travelling? You get to experience new cultures, new ways of living, new ways of thinking, new people and so many new experiences.

I recently interviewed an expat here in Australia for a project I am currently working on and something he said I felt that I really connected with:

“why would anyone want to live in the same place their whole lives? It’s just nuts!”

There is a whole world out there. Just because you were born in a specific country does not mean that you have to stay there for your whole, entire life.

inspirational-quotes-ship safe in port

It always seems like a big step when someone moves to a different country to live, but it should be a natural step in everyone’s lives. Just the fact that you are able to read this post on the internet most likely means that you are fortunate to live a free existence, so take advantage of the opportunities handed to you and stop taking life for granted. And if you live in North Korea and are reading this post, that means that you are probably Kim Jong-un, Supreme leader! Good day to you Sir! The rest of the country doesn’t have internet access, in case you weren’t aware…well that is unless you are a Government official in a very high position. And even then the access is apparently restricted. How fantastic it is to live in a free country! Let us all rejoice immediately!


Come on Kim, cheer up mate! We’re all rejoicing here and you’re ruining the party!

So have you booked your plane ticket yet? How are the travel plans coming along? What are you waiting for?! Take that risk, take that leap, do something for YOURSELF for once. It may be scary to face your fears BUT…

5. What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

I was nervous and a little scared when I first left the UK to go travelling. “What if it all goes wrong? What if I don’t meet any other travellers? What if, what if, what if….”.


I have spent many hours alone whilst travelling and also many hours with fellow travellers. I feel way more confident in myself now than I ever have before, I care less about what people think and I am much more comfortable in my own company. I felt a pressure when I first started travelling to meet people and to make friends. Otherwise I would have been a massive loser, a failure and what would I tell my friends back home? This was meant to be an amazing experience for me! Well as it happens I did meet people fairly quickly but looking back on the one week or so that I was alone at the start of my journey, I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to just chill the f**k out and enjoy the experience of being in a new place and to stop caring so much.

Who cares if I turn up in a restaurant and ask for a table for one? Why is this a big deal? Being alone gives you time to reflect upon your own life, and I have spent much of my time in Australia doing just that. The clarity that it has provided me has been invaluable.

And on a wider scale here, if there is anything in your own life that you feel you need to address and have been too scared to take a risk and to make a change, ask yourself why this is. What is holding you back? Why is it such a big deal? You are just a tiny speck of dust in this universe, there are more important things than whatever is happening in your own life right now. Everyone is self obsessed, so rest assured that no-one really cares about your shit. Haha, that sounded a bit harsh but you know what I mean!

space quote

So who am I to be writing such words? I am not an authority on this topic. I am just one man who has decided to live his life the way that he wants. And if you don’t like it, then to be honest that’s your issue. I am passionate about the words which I have written. I am passionate about life. And of course I am passionate about…


Don’t forget to spread a little love around now and then!

Life is empty and meaningless, but this fact alone in itself is empty and meaningless (bit of Landmark for you there)…


Oh and in case you haven’t seen it, here is the video which I referred to above which is entitled ‘Quit Your Job, Go Travelling, Chase Your Dreams’, which pretty much sums up my life right now:

One last point…someone recently said to me “if it is something that you can do within 3 minutes, do it now”. So stop procrastinating and go feed the cat!

Patrick. Is. Out…