Buddha Park, Vientiane, Laos

Buddha Park – A sculpture park that contains over 200 Buddhist and Hindu statues. This park was built before the version across the river in Thailand, but both were designed by the same man – Bunleua Sulilat, a priest-shaman who integrated Buddhism and Hinduism.

So after visiting Buddha Park in Nong Khai, Thailand (read about that one here), just across the Mekong River from the Buddha Park in Vientiane, I thought it only appropriate to go and visit the Laotian offering to compare Buddhas. To be honest, I think that overall the Thai version was more impressive. Possibly because it was built about 20 years later. There were more statues, it was slightly bigger and some of them were pretty damn magnificent. However, the Laotian version did have a building which you can go inside that housed what appeared to be a collection of figures from the depths of hell. Prepare yourselves!

Buddha Park, Vientiane, Laos

And so once again, what follows is a collection of photos from the park with some ridiculous commentary…

Pat on Kinlon Motorbike, Vientiane, Laos

The park is situated about 20km outside of the centre of Vientiane, so you’ll need to find a way to get there. You can either opt for tuk tuk at a ridiculous cost of about 250,000 kip, local bus (about 15,000 kip I think. Relatively inexpensive anyway), or you can rent your own mode of transport such as bicycle or as you can see from the photo above – a sofa with an engine (pink horse riding helmet optional). Vroom vroom!Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_71

So this is an overview of what Buddha Park looks like. The entrance is on the bottom left. Look at all those statues!
Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_40

He did it.Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_35

Is that a large snake in your hands or are you just happy to see me?
Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_34

Didn’t I see this guy across the river in Thailand?Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_33

The many-faced, multiple armed Buddha statue makes another appearance on the Laotian side of the Mekong…this time with a bunch of skulls balanced on his/her/its head(s). Snazzy.Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_32

Somebody fetch this man a Mars Bar!
Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_31

Mate, can you please just shut the f**k up, can you not see that we are trying to meditate? I don’t know why I have to tell you this EVERY SINGLE DAY!Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_30

A woman emerging from the mouth of some kind of reptilian creature, holding what appears to be a miniature human being…a common sight in ancient Buddhist scriptures.
Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_29

I’m the daddy round here!Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_27

I didn’t mean it, honest… Your beard looks awesome!
Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_26

Hanuman makes a surprise appearance in Buddha Park, Vientiane. Looking pretty camp here, don’t you think?Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_25

Another female character emerging from a reptilian/snake/lizard creature’s mouth.Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_24

This guy told her that one of her arms was fat. Now he’s dead. There is a moral to this story.
Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_23

Yo, check out my lion bro.Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_22

Is it a crocodile? Is it an alligator? Is it a dinosaur? Is it a lizard? F**k knows.Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_21

The snake charmer of Laos was unaware of the massive 7-headed snake about to eat him from behind. I hear he was getting pretty cocky about his snake charming skills so it serves him right really.Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_20

Nom nom nom…Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_19

If you pull on my leg once more today, I swear I will go flip mode on yo’ ass!Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_17

Say “what?” again! Go on! I dare you!Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_16

They sold my other leg on the black market. Swimming has never been the same since.
Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_15

I’m flying Jack! I’m flying!Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_14

This statue is pretty lame in comparison to THIS version on the Thai side of the Mekong. Just sayin’.
Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_13

Is it a Garuda? Is it Hanuman? Maybe it’s Hanuda? Or Garunuman? Or maybe it’s just some bloke wearing fairy wings on his way to a hen party. Not sure how a man got invited to a hen party though. The bride-to-be must be his BFF. Only possible explanation.

Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_10

So I bought these new shoes last Thursday…they are like, sooooo fabulous! And these trousers, aren’t they just to die for? Yes, I know, I am looking simply gorgeous aren’t I? The last person who disagreed is dead. Here she is. You want her? I’m not sure what to do with her now. Maybe I will feed her to my shoes…Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_09

STOP! Put that sword down and talk to the hand.
Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_08

It appears that a monkey is offering me a pair of underpants on a piece of wood. If I keep pretending to meditate, maybe he will go away.Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_07

Eugh….my legs….argh….they…have….melteeeddd…..eeuuuggh…Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_06

Please Sir! My legs are….meeeelllttiiiiinngg…..meeeeeeeeelllllllllttttttiiiiiinnnnnggggg…….aarrggghhh…..help…meeee….Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_03

Bloody white people…always getting in the background of my monkey/Buddha/elephant/underpants photos.

Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_01

Shake those maracas like you mean it!Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_65So what I would consider the centrepiece (even though it’s not strictly in the centre of the park), is this large sculpture which you can enter through the ‘mouth’ as seen in the following photos. When inside, you realise that you are no longer in Buddha Park, Vientiane, but instead have arrived safely in the depths of the place known commonly as ‘Hell’. Evidence follows…

Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_69

Open wide and pose for your photo!
Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_42

Peace signs up! Sophie Segal from justagirlin.com enters the mouth of Hell. Check out her amazing adventures from around the globe right HERE!Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_43

The first level of hell. No sign of Cerberus though; maybe he’s out eating some doggy biscuits.
Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_44

The staircase inside allows you to move up and down levels.Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_46

Various statues in various conditions and states of disarray.Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_48

After I rip off my victim’s heads, I usually lightly tickle them with the end of my nunchuks. I may look angry, but inside I am smiling because it’s so much fun! Hehe!Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_49

Heeelllppp….meeee….eugh!Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_50

A miniature person being chased up a tree by a hell weasel, the most feared of all of the hellish demons.Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_51

My right arm may be broken, but I promised you that head massage and I am a man of my word so let’s get started.Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_52

…ok it’s your turn next. Would you like the full 30 minute massage treatment or I can offer you a 10 minute rub for 10,000 kip. No happy endings this week though. I gotta charge you for that from now on as my landlord just raised my rent prices.Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_53

In light of recent circumstances, are you willing to take back what you said about my mullet?Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_54

OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, I LOVE HELL! YAAAAYYY!!!!!Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_56

The Holy Grail has finally been found. You can stop searching now.Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_57

This photo just makes me think of the song ‘Surfin’ USA’ by the Beach Boys.
Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_58

Sophie from ‘JUST A GIRL IN…’ becomes ‘JUST A GIRL OUT…of the mouth of hell, Vientiane, Laos’.Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_70

A rather fitting evil-looking structure sits on top of the big hollowed out building that houses all sorts of weasel demons and dark, twisted sculptures.Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_59

Back we go for more.Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_62

On the way out of the park, it starts raining heavily and we are forced to shelter in a small souvenir shop which sells all kinds of random, bizarre things like…Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_61

Dragonball Z and porn DVDs. Go Buddhism!Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_60

Sophie displaying her DVD of choice.Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_63

Buddha appears in many forms…the little known one is abstract Buddha, who happens to be mates with…Buddha Park Vientiane Laos_64

Abstract Jesus.Pat eating noodle soup Vientiane LaosAnd to finish off our visit to Buddha Park, we settle for some delicious (that might be a bit of a generous explanation) noodle soup with pork and beef!

Patrick out…