Mount Coolum, Queensland, Australia

So even though I have been living in Australia for roughly 3 months, this is actually my first post on the place. I’ve been through three cities from south to west and then over to the east, worked as a strawberry farmer, filmed funerals and weddings and I am now sitting here on the Sunshine Coast writing this blog post.

I have been on the coast for a few days now and on the weekend I got the chance to go and climb a mountain in a national park here. It will have been my fourth mountain conquered in the last year! Check me out! And also the smallest of the lot as it didn’t take long to make it to the top. The views were pretty stunning though. I decided to make a short film of my adventure! This was made from a variety of footage I took before one of my camera batteries ran out of juice and the other one decided to just stop functioning completely. Thanks Mr. Battery…thanks indeed!

So there you go. More to come next time from somewhere about something or other, including photos or possibly videos of this and that. Or something.

Patrick out…