Random Snapshots Of India

So I travelled through India for over two months…here are some snaps that my camera captured, including many random and hilarious (well I thought so anyway!) stories! You can click on any of the photos for the full size versions:


A shop owner in Varkala.


Jimee and Lucie with their new family members! Haha! These kids would just not leave us alone and followed us around for ages whilst we took photos asking for money. This was on our way to the Matrimandir meditation dome in Pondicherry.


Outside our guesthouse in Alleppey, Kerala…the same place where a millipede made its way into my trousers and a cockroach decided to make a new home in my shoe!


The best biscuits in all of India!


This was a bit weird…on the backwaters in Kerala at a lunch stop a bird of prey is thrust upon us. So we took photos of it. The end.


The Alleppey crew! (minus Jimee, I think he was chilling in a temple or something…!?)


The pinkest house in all of India! In Kerala.


Kirsten and the goat…can you tell which one is which? I can’t. Hahaha, you know I love you really Kirsten!!


A kid just caught a frog. He ran home after this picture was taken. Most likely to cook and eat little Mr. Froggy!


Kirsten and Jimee cruising through the backwaters.


Splashing around on the backwaters of Kerala in Alleppey. This was on Lucie’s 21st birthday! Happy birthday Lucie!!! That’s her ass on the right of the photo…a birthday ass! Haha!


Dom busting out his handstand skills on a beach somewhere in India.


Dom riding the sleeper train through India!


Dom and me trying to get inside the barrels in Varkala. Shortly after (or before actually I can’t remember) this photo was taken I did manage to body surf a wave inside the barrel which was pretty amazing until it dumped me face first into the sea bed, smashing my face and giving me a lovely cut up face and nosebleed!


Jimee and Jimmy (yes, there are two of them!) getting ready for a bit of boating action in some town, somewhere in India.


Hello To The Queen….without doubt the greatest desert in all of India. Thanks to Bar for introducing it to me! You will only find it in touristy places, but if you ever see it on any menu out there, order it! This one wasn’t actually the best one I tried. The best one was in a place called ‘Little Tibet’, which is a restaurant in Varkala on the cliff. Apparently it was invented by some stoned Israeli’s in India many years ago who then presented it to their English friend and so called it Hello To The Queen. Random.


A portrait of yours truly in the sand, expertly crafted by Mr. Dominik Rohrer! Well done, it’s almost like I am looking in a mirror!


This photo just makes me laugh thinking back to when I took it. We met this guy next to a temple on the top of some big rock, somewhere in India and he was totally loving the camera, busting poses left, right and centre. He didn’t really speak much English and it was all rather bizarre. As we were leaving, he followed us and just jumped on the back of Jimee’s bike without any of us knowing why or where he wanted us to take him! We were just like “ok, I guess you’re coming with us then!”…hahaha. He eventually told us to stop as we passed by what must have been his house…free taxi service from Jimee Clarke, he’ll take you wherever you want with no questions asked! Haha.


Bar as a mermaid…isn’t he beautiful!?


The tea plantations in Munnar, India. Some of the most amazing scenery here, I highly recommend visiting!


The crew in Hampi….the greatest place in all of India!


Léna with the pole this time! In Hampi, India on our way to go tubing, woohooo!!!!


Hampi, at one of the many temples there. The red mark on my forehead was given to me at a temple as a blessing, applied in that spot as it is thought to be the most holy point on the body (the third eye/sixth chakra).


Oi monkey, you are so close to the camera that you have gone out of focus!

IMG_4845 IMG_4683

The Hampi crew! (before Jimee turned up)


Near the peak at a mountain in Kollur called Kodachadri. Funny story – when I reached the top I had to persuade some guy to let me stay in his house (there were like three people living up there!), because he doesn’t usually let solo travellers stay there…the reason? Solo travellers apparently visit the mountain to jump off and kill themselves. So there I am having to try and persuade some guy who doesn’t really speak English that I am not going to kill myself. Just another day in India! Oh and just to add to this, in the town at the bottom of the mountain (Kollur), I visited the only temple in all of my travels where you actually have to take off your clothes to enter! All males had to go in topless. Usually you have to dress up and cover up, but no, not there…what can I say? This is India!


My 30th birthday! I spent this with my friend and his family in Mangalore. Thanks for the cake!!! Also, all of you CSC peeps will notice the t-shirt. Reppin’ Kix! Haha


I don’t think this one really needs any comment…


…maybe the guy had been eating too many of these biscuits….!?


Gokarna town! This place did the best gobi manchuri on the local’s beach front. Basically fried cauliflower. Delicious! Go check it out if you are in the town.


Getting tattoo’d in a ‘studio’ at Om Beach. Love Kiya’s face in this one!


Om Beach…where the cows go on holiday.


Look, here I am with all of my bags on a train track! Let’s hope there isn’t a train approaching. And as many of my friends know, I am known for my sweating, ummmmm, abilities…!? Yeah, well this day just took it to a whole new level…waterfalls galore!


Just chillin’ with Léna, Kiya and our new rickshaw buddies!


On a train in India!


….inside a (rather packed) train in India. We actually had to board this train as it was moving, and it was crazy busy inside as you can see, so not an easy task!

IMG_3599 IMG_3584

Doggy beach life! The guy on the left behind the dog was an American guy who had been travelling for years…at this point he was telling us how he was shot at during a drive-by shooting in Hawaii. Crazy!


A dog. In a bin. This is India.


A girl performing in the street in Pondicherry (the place where Life of Pi was set!)


Shame, I had a few good ones lined up.


The coolest dog in all of India! This dog was named after a kung fu legend ‘Wong Fei-hung’, who is also the most portrayed character in all of film history. Random fact for you there.


A martial arts show in Thekkady.


Upside down photography in Hampi! Bet you didn’t even realise it was upside down did ya!?

Patrick out…