Sunset Muay Thai, Short Film

So I recently spent about a week and a half in a town in northern Thailand called Nong Khai. It is literally just across the (Mekong) river from Vientiane in Laos, the country I had left in order to renew my visa. Whilst exiting a 7Eleven store one afternoon, a man approached my friend and me and sparked up a conversation. Instantly I could tell that this man was a character, full of personality and possibly great on camera. His name is Phi Poong. He invited me round his house and so I thought “why not?”. I had only known this guy for 5 minutes and where I come from this kind of behaviour would be unheard of, but this is Asia and things work a little different here.

So I took along my camera gear in order to shoot a ‘day in the life’ type film and see if I could make anything interesting from the footage. It turns out that he was born in Phuket, a busy island where there is much going on. He has now moved to a small village in Nong Khai province, which is very different to where he grew up.

After one and a half day’s worth of shooting, I put together this short video portrait of Phi Poong. It turns out that he has dreams of setting up a Muay Thai boxing gym on his land. Will he ever make the dream come true? Well I can only wish him the best in his pursuits as no doubt it would cure his bouts of boredom from living in the village!


Patrick out…