Vietnam By Motorbike Part 5 – The Final Journey!

Let’s kick this one off with this random photo from Ho Chi Minh:

Bike man Saigon two dogs

This is clearly an amazing man, living an amazing life and we should all strive to be more like him. Well either that or his dog walker went on holiday.

Hello readers! It’s finally time to wrap up this whole Vietnam by motorbike journey. I thought that I could have covered the whole journey in one post, but now I am up to part 5, and quite frankly, that’s probably more than enough. Most people probably stopped reading halfway through part 1 anyway. I bet that even my mum is bored by now. Just one last post mum, it’ll be over soon I promise! Haha. So on my last day I make it to my final destination in Vietnam….


So to be honest with you, there really isn’t much more to tell on this journey. But please don’t stop reading just quite yet! Oi, sit back at your computer and finish reading…you can feed the cat in a minute. On day 10 I am only 78km from Ho Chi Minh City. By the end of day 10 I had actually crossed the border into Cambodia and was continuing my trip on towards Phnom Penh. But this is VIETNAM by motorbike so I’m just going to end the post in Ho Chi Minh.

The journey into Saigon (the former name of Ho Chi Minh) is pretty hectic. The closer and closer you get to the city, the busier and busier it gets. There are literally millions of motorbikes in this city and you really do have to have your wits about you in order not to crash into anyone! Especially that family of five on the 50cc scooter that they bought secondhand in 1985.

On my way into town I pass by this shop:

BongMilk World

Yummm, sounds delicious.

As I finally reach the city at about 10:30am I decide that the only sensible thing to do first is to treat myself to a Dim Sum…pork buns and paper wrapped prawns? Ummmm, yes please! Then for dessert I head off to a coffee shop (I think there are also millions of these too! Seems to be a different coffee shop on every street corner. The Vietnamese are BIG on their coffee). I treat myself (again) to this!:

Coffee and Cake Ho Chi MinhI sometimes wonder why I don’t weigh 20 stone…oh wait we have addressed this before. It’s because of all that running I do to the muffin shop. Yes of course. How silly of me.

So over the last ten days I have covered almost 2000 km and I have seen a wide variety of incredible sights throughout the country. I feel as though I have CONQUERED Vietnam…I am practically a God amongst men right now! As I look around the coffee shop, I think to myself that no-one will ever achieve what I have achieved in these last ten days ever again! They should probably put me into the Guinness Book of World Records or something for being so awesome. I imagine that this is also how the thousands of other backpackers who do exactly the same journey as me also feel. Haha!


Now for anyone who is actually genuinely interested in doing a similar trip as this one, I am going to post up a completely condensed version of my trip in another post. A summary if you will. One of my friends has already decided to do it himself (big yourself up Leon!!). It really is an amazing experience, I recommend it to anyone looking for a bit of adventure! I will try to post up more informative information like places to stay, eat and things to do all in bite-sized form!


I have one last place to visit before I leave the country of the Viets…the Cu Chi Tunnels. These were underground tunnels used in the Vietnam War by the Viet Cong. Similar to the Vinh Moc Tunnels that I visited halfway through my journey. These tunnels though are much smaller and they give you a chance to (literally) crawl through them to experience just how cramped they are. Now I’m not exactly a big guy by any means, but I was on my knees at one point crawling through them and they have actually been widened for tourists! Crazy. Here are some photos:

Cu Chi Tunnels Entrance man Cu Chi Tunnels EntranceThe entrances to the tunnels were very small and easily covered with leaves to conceal their location.

Man in the Cu Chi TunnelsA man I don’t know posing in the Cu Chi Tunnels. As I mentioned above, the tunnels are extremely cramped and this one in the photo has actually been widened for tourists, which is pretty crazy seeing as I was crawling through on my hands and knees at one point! Not for the claustrophobic! Life in the tunnels was extremely hard and if the bombing on the surface was especially intense, the soldiers would have to stay underground for days at a time. Sounds like a tough time? Well now imagine that up to half of a typical Viet Cong unit has Malaria and all of them have some kind of sickness including intestinal parasites. I bet that your problems now seem like a walk in the park eh? Live life, love life and just be thankful for what you have! 

B52 Bomb Crater Cu Chi TunnelsOn the surface, above the tunnels you can see huge bomb craters where the area was heavily bombed by the US. This crater was made by a B52 bomber.

Spikes trap cu chi tunnels Cu Chi Tunnels Armpit TrapThe traps set for the US soldiers were insanely evil, and often created not to instantly kill the victims but instead to leave them injured and unable to escape so that they would die a slow and painful death… Nice! Imagine falling down a pit and having your armpits impaled with spikes. Doesn’t really sound like something I would wish on my worst enemy. Not that I have a worst enemy. Isn’t that only for superheroes and comic book characters? Hey, I just got a sudden urge for some Opal Fruits. Do they still make them? Aren’t they called Starburst now? I wonder if they sell them in Australia…anyway….

Man tank dickA man I don’t know pretending that a tank’s gun is his penis.

Hey guess what, here are some additional photos from Ho Chi Minh City that I took!

Carrot Ho Chi MinhCarrot. Yep.

Ho Chi Minh Shop Under ConstructionJust a typical store in Saigon.

Dog Mechanic SaigonRandom, absolutely 100% true fact: In Vietnam, all mechanics are actually just dogs in disguise dressed as humans.

So going through the photos I took on my phone, the next one is of a semi-naked, fat Cambodian man fixing my bike. The tyre had to be replaced. Typical! Haha. Anyway, that’s a story for another day kids. It’s bedtime now and Daddy is tired….oh what? Sorry, off topic.

I recently wrote a Tweet basically saying that 2 things come to mind whilst blogging. Before I write I’m like “this is gonna be gold! Everyone will love it!”. And after I’m like “this was way more entertaining in my head”…that’s how I feel right now. Hahaha. I think I’m gonna go and get some inspiration for my next post by doing a handstand on two eggs whilst juggling a family of hedgehogs with my feet. Probably. Or probably not. No. I’ll probably just eat a muffin and think about Starburst instead. Yuuummm…

Patrick out…