Welcome To Random Travels!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Random Travels! Here you will find many sumptuous, delicious, luxurious and of course random treats for the eyes…in other words, the random experiences of Patrick Watkins. And that, ladies and gentlemen, would be me! This is my first post since I have updated my blog (my, oh my did it need an update!). So what on earth am I doing with my life you may be wondering? Hmmmm, or maybe not…who knows, it’s not like I’m a mind reader or anything! No, I’m a video editor and filmmaker! I produce films such as these ones. I absolutely LOOOOVE to travel and who knows where my next destination will be, and also when. For now though, I’m a part-time Aussie living in Brisbane. Or something else that actually makes sense…

So I spent most of the last year or so travelling throughout Asia, which you will no doubt be able to see from the content on this site. I have had so many random experiences throughout my travels that I felt the need to start a blog and tell you all about them! I also filmed and edited a few short films whilst I was away, and I am currently working constantly creating new and exciting(!) content so please watch this space and don’t forget to check back here for regular updates! I bet you guys are on the edge of your seats right now just at the thought of getting an insight into the life of the man behind Random Travels, right?! Yes, I thought as much!

As well as filming and editing, equipped with a DSLR, one cannot help but turn into an occasional photographer. Would you like to see some of my pictures? Well whether you would or not, here are a select few choices to possibly inspire you to go and do a bit of travelling yourself… (you can click on these images to see the full size versions)

The north of Vietnam (also seen in my video ‘North Vietnam‘)

A friend of mine on a train in India, riding north through Kerala in the south of India

A young girl wandering through the ruins of an old temple in Cambodia

IMG_6826 2
Guess which one is me! Yes, that’s right, the dodgy looking one on the right wearing an old French farmer’s hat on top of a Vietnamese ladies’ head scarf…hey don’t judge, I thought that the colours were rather pleasing for the eyes!

So that’s a teeny, tiny snippet of some things that my camera happened to capture over the last year. I’ll be uploading a hell of a lot more regularly with each post.

I will leave you with this thought for the day (or night depending on what time you are reading this…heck, there’s probably no-one even reading this at all!)… If you’re not weird, are you normal? Because I think that if you’re not weird, then there must be something clearly wrong with you!

Next time I will be covering what to do when you are up a mountain and you hear someone shout “AVALANCHE!” at the top of their voice. I promise you, it’s a very exciting story indeed!

Patrick out…