Where Am I?

So today (edit: today I actually got off a sleeper bus that travelled overnight from south to central Vietnam. Right now I am a greasy man who hasn’t cleaned his teeth in a day) I saw some horses painted to look like zebras, rented another dodgy motorbike that didn’t really work properly, climbed another mountain *cough cough by Jeep cough cough*, almost kind of half saw a waterfall and almost kind of half ate a fly…

Where Am I!?

I am in Da Lat, Vietnam! That’s where. Well actually it has taken so long to write this post (blame the Cu Chi Tunnels edit below!) that I am now in Hoi An. I have just arrived after a sweaty journey on a sleeper bus overnight.

I haven’t been blogging as much as I would have liked to since I arrived back in Asia. I would like to put it down to to me being particularly busy/occupied, but it’s probably more a case of me just, errrrrm, not doing it!

So I will list my favourite experiences since I arrived back in these Asian lands…(in no particular order, just whatever pops into my brain first)

The Cu Chi Tunnels, Guns that Don’t Work Properly, Motorbikes in the Rain

If you find yourself in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, then the number one tourist attraction is the Cu Chi Tunnels. It is a network of tunnels that the Viet Cong used during the Vietnam War to protect themselves from the bombing on the surface.

Check out the video of this amazing day here!:

As you can see, my mate Leon dropped his sunglasses down the entrance to the tunnels the silly sausage. Guns were also fired and filmed in slow motion to make the experience look much more epic than it actually was…the guns kept jamming! And then the return journey was made in crazy traffic in the rain as it started absolutely chucking it down. Now this is where I pose an interesting question…

How does everyone in Vietnam magically appear wearing ponchos the moment it starts raining and then the moment it stops no-one is wearing ponchos!?

That was probably a very badly worded sentence but you get the point! I will stop to put on a poncho when it starts raining but then the moment it stops, all of a sudden I am aware that I seem to be the ONLY person on the crowded roads wearing one…spot the foreigner!

The Mini Road Trip To Mui Ne

Come to think of it, I feel as though this list may just include a bunch of experiences that involve riding motorbikes, haha! So anyway, I rented a motorbike with the lovely Malene and rode for 7 hours on Highway 1A to get to Mui Ne…a place with a surprising amount of Russians. Even many shopfronts and menus were written in Russian. We didn’t realise how long it would actually take and ended up riding in the dark for the last two hours of the trip through dusty, dirty roads in bad condition, packed with traffic. The same can be said for the return journey. The beaches in Mui Ne are pretty nice, although the water could be clearer if I was to critique the place! This is what we looked like after our return journey:

Dirty Faces After Driving From Mui Ne To Saigon

As we arrived back in Ho Chi Minh 3 days later covered in dirt, the guy at the motorbike rental place tells me that we should have taken the road closer to the coast as it is more beautiful, less busy and in better condition. Oh great! This is really what I wanted to hear AFTER I have completed the trip.

Running After a Man on a Skateboard with a Steadicam in the Intense Heat

This result of which can be viewed right here, right now!:

My personal favourite parts are “ah scales, yeah scales…” which is about 1 minute or so in after the intro and of course Leon’s hilarious commentary on why he was unable to bust out some more complex tricks, which is towards the end of the video. Oh yeah and of course the *ahem* amazing skating!

Inadvertently Climbing A Mountain

Yep, we just stumbled across a mountain in Vietnam not too far from Da Lat. The view from the top looked like this:

On A Swing Lang Biang Mountain Peak

Not too shabby eh?

The Random Stuff that Happens Every Single Day

I was walking down the street yesterday and a small girl just came running at me and hit me on the leg (because she was too short to reach my face no doubt) for no apparent reason. That was fun. Yeah. And a couple of days ago we found a zebra in the bushes…

Zebra in the Bushes in Vietnam

That’s my friend Tayo in the photo…she looks pretty pleased with herself doesn’t she!?

The Wonderfully Friendly People of Vietnam

Yep, I love the friendliness that I experience pretty much every day from the locals here in Vietnam. Some people are obviously more friendly than others, and some just stare at you blankly in amazement at seeing someone different without even caring whether or not they are being obvious. Then maybe they will nudge their friend/family member and point at you and talk in Vietnamese….probably saying something like “wow, look at this guy…he is so COOL! I wish I was more like him. What a dreamboat <3″…not sure how they would say the “<3” bit but whatever, just go with it. Maybe hearts would appear in their eyes. Yeah, that seems likely.

OK well that’s all I can be bothered to write this time. Next time I will write something so incredibly amazing that your eyes will inflate to the size of beach balls, your teeth will fall out and your ears will bleed purple rain.

And to end it all (that sounds pretty bleak!), here is a picture of me with a heart shaped sweat patch…

Heart Shaped Sweat Patch

Patrick out…